What is it?

Swagbucks is an all-purpose website where you can surf, watch videos, play games, take surveys, etc.

What makes it awesome?

Sign up for a free account and you can earn points! And you can redeem these points for all sorts of goodies!!!

What kind of goodies are we talking about?

I went through the rewards store. Here is just some of the items you can get with Swagbucks:

  • Avent smoothie pacifiers
  • Sippie cups
  • Fisher Price toys
  • Scrabble board game
  • Pearl Earrings
  • Pet Stairs
  • 500x Power Microscope
  • 14-Foot Trampoline
  • Bottle of Dish Soap
  • Lamaze Belly Rub
  • Various Gift Cards (included Amazon and other major retailers)
  • Xbox Live Points
  • Various Charity Donations
  • Secret Brand deodorant

Holy Cow!! What’s the catch?

No catch. Just give them your time, and you will start earning points.

So how do you earn points?

There are multiple ways to earn points, depending on your interests and how involved you want to be:

  • The daily poll. Once a day, you can answer the daily poll and receive 1 Swagbuck point.
  • Videos are a great way to rack up points. After watching around 3 different videos, you will receive 3 Swagbuck points. There’s a little ‘meter that you have to fill up to earn the points.
    This is a pretty easy way to earn points. When I’m working on the computer, I keep a window open and continuously play Swagbuck videos on mute. I can get around 9 extra Swagbucks a day doing this, depending on my computer usage that day.
  • Games. They aren’t your mainstream angry critters, but they can be quite addictive. The amount of points you can earn varies. You can also enter tournaments to earn even more swagbuck points.
  • Surveys. These are offered by Swagbucks from a 3rd party company/establishment/whatever. They never ask for super-personal information like a credit card or social security number. They can take anywhere from 5 – 45 minutes. They average around 50 Swagbucks each. The most I got from one survey was 125.
  • Searching the web.  It works just like any other search engine, but every once in a while you earn extra Swagbucks. The amounts can vary greatly, but my average has been about 5 swagbuck codes every 10 searches or so.
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  • Shopping online. I don’t do this, but you can earn extra Swagbuck points by shopping your favorite online stores. You just need to go through Swagbucks.com.
  • Extra Swagcodes. These can be posted on the Swagbucks code, website, blog, twitter, etc. Just look for them!

Are there any cons to Swagbucks?
It does take a while to save up points to get the things you want. I’ve been doing it off and on for over a year, and I’ve earned $30 in gift cards towards a new computer. I’m going to jump back into it pretty heavily. And you do have to be careful with the ‘special offers’ portion. You can download certain programs, get insurance quotes, etc for some extra points but they can spam your email and your computer. Just use your better judgement and you’ll be fine.